Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Shell Game: HR Training - Day 11

I should have done this run yesterday, but due to a series of unfortunate events (car going crazy, leaving it at the repair shop, having to get a rental car at the last minute on New Years Eve - just alot of drama), I couldn't get this run in. So with all plans, I had to adjust and basically shift everything over one day (giving up a Saturday "day off").

So, the typical light run of 15m-3m-15m-3m-15m-3m-15m was on the menu again. Another treadmill run with a full stop for the 3 minute rests. Comparing the data to the previous days doing the same workout, I have indeed increased my capacity. The distances that I'm running has increased and on the treadmill itself, I am maintaining mildly faster speeds compared to when I first started this and having less HR increases as I'm going.

The added bonus I would have to say is that when doing these runs, I am often left with feeling like I could go another hour or two (or five!)

A nice birthday run for me. :-)


mills said...

Electric Treadmills are much more sophisticated. They have machine controls which can adjust the speed of the belt. The person has to move to keep up with the machine, rather than vice-versa.

Jon said...

Your reply begs the question of: What's your point?

Everyone knows that electric treadmills have machine controls that adjust for speed. Everyone knows that you're keeping up with the machine than the other way around. Again, what's your point?