Friday, January 9, 2009

A Remarkable Thing: HR Training - Day 19

Another light run, but I did my damndest to keep it under 138 bpm - I really did!

However, it was not meant to be with this run and I ended up spiking above in spots, letting my HR drift oddly again. Plus, not having enough Buh-bump! cream on the HRM didn't help things either.

But I did figure out some stuff.

1.) My HR doesn't stabilize in the first 10-15 minutes, even if I'm running "easy". It will stablize if I walk briskly though.
2.) Seems after the 10-15 minutes, my HR turns more consistant (guess I should warm-up more often and walk a good 10-15 minutes before most activities?)
3.) Once properly warmed-up, the slow speed that I was running at (about 16 minutes/mile) ended up giving me an HR in the low 130's/high 120's! I had to kick the treadmill past 4.0 MPH (15 minutes/mile) to start approaching my Aerobic Threshold of 138 bpm. Another piece of proof that this training IS working.

However, I'm still questioning why I have those low HR drops in the 2nd half of the run. The watch itself didn't display this data, so I'm wondering why the Suunto Training Manager is? Then again, I didn't use enough Buh-Bump cream.

Taking tomorrow off and enjoying the rest. Getting ready for Sunday's Base Builder II run. It'll be a nice change to not be subjected to a treadmill. :-)


Istvan said...

Wonder if "second wind" also affects the heart. Regardless of warm-ups, I breath a little harder for the first 1-2 miles of a run, even a slow run. Then my system seems to settle down (get a second wind) for the remainder of the run. Maybe I'll check the heart rate more closely to see how it reacts.

Jon said...

That does sound plausible. I know that further into the run, things start to get better - like the grease is really getting into the squeaky wheels and making them move smoother.

Eric said...

10 - 15 min warm up will provide better results. Most athletes will warm up their "system" in this time frame.
Just imagine your car on a cold morning, start it up and no warm air, same for the body.