Thursday, January 8, 2009

And BOOM goes the Dynamite!: HR Training - Day 18

Well, comparing this Base Builder II run to the one on Day 16, the EPOC and the Training Effect were virtually identical. The HR zones that I was able to stay in at was not too far off either. But there was one CLEAR difference between the two. Today's run covered MORE DISTANCE and I was able to run at faster speeds within the same HR limits! Max speed was at a 5.7 MPH, 5.7! That's creeping closer to my 10 minute per mile pace that I've missed running at. Compared to when I was running in my Zone 2 level when I started (around a 5.2 MPH speed), this is showing me serious progress. I have also noticed that during the 5 minute zone 1 runs, I'm either at or just below a 15 minute per mile pace (4.0 MPH). This is also something very positive for me as well. If this keeps up, my easy/light pace might end up approaching 5.0 MPH or higher sooner than later.

The one thing that mildly bugs me though is that my HR was seriously drifting in the last 15 minutes of zone 1 running. It would suddenly crawl up to 145 bpm for a moment and then drop back down. I even dropped my speed below a 17 minute per mile pace and it was STILL doing that. I don't know whether it was dehydration (did sweat alot and sucked down my 16 oz bottle of water quickly) or just physiological changes from running a medium-hard run two days ago, only to do it again.

Looking forward to the light run tomorrow to give my body a bit of a break and I'll definately enjoy the rest day on Saturday!

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