Monday, January 12, 2009

Brother, can you spare a heart transplant?: HR Training - Day 22

After many days of toiling in the dungeon (aka the treadmill in my downstairs rec area at home), I needed to have planet EARTH under my running shoes for a change instead of a moving piece of rubber that is controlled by a computer and motor.

But, I always keep forgetting some of problems of my area.

1.) TOO MUCH INTERFERENCE FOR ABOUT 0.5 +/- MILES! Even when I was WALKING, the HRM went apeshit! I even did a 20 minute walk with my family before my run to warm-up with no difference!
2.) Drivers in the town are assholes! I had to jump further into the ditches since there is no sidewalk on my roads for some distance.

My HRM wasn't cooperating in the beginning at all. High jumps all over the place and even though the Suunto itself had some lower numbers, they obviously didn't get recorded.

It wasn't until I got a good mile OUT of my neighborhood when I was able to have normalized readings. I was truly grateful for that. I noticed that my pace is moving a great deal faster than being on the dreadmill (compare 16-17 minutes/mile on treadmill versus moving at 12-13 minutes/mile at nearly the same HR). However, I did have more HR drift outside than being on the treadmill, so I had to intermix walking with running a bit more. The other thing I noticed is that my body was going OVER my Anaerobic Threshold level more. My efforts seemed to push at a "comfortably hard" pace, but I think that my body still feels somewhat taxed from the harder runs the past few days. The schedule doesn't give me a light run day until Wednesday and Friday of this week. However, it's a mixed blessing since my HR is staying in the Aerobic range while my speed is picking up more. Good trade off so far and an okay run for a Base Builder workout.

Back on the Dreadmill tomorrow for another Base Builder II run.

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