Friday, January 2, 2009

Breakthrough!: HR Training - Day 12

Another base builder workout on the treadmill again like Day 8 and Day 9, except no lunchtime light run since I had too much to do (left work early to return a rental car and to pick up my car at the shop half-repaired).

Compared to the previous days doing the same workout, this was much better. My HR was able to recover better and my speed was around 5.5-5.6 MPH (sub-11 minute miles, hell yeah!) for each of those 5 minute bursts, my HR staying relatively in the high 150's to the limit of 161 bpm, occasionally rolling up a point or two above the limit. The 10 minute recovery runs in the low zone were also at a steady pace as well, between 15-16 minutes a mile.

I have another one of these workouts for Sunday, but I really have the desire to go long (atleast 2 hours or more). I need to ask Eric about how to do the workout if I want to go longer and whether it's smart to just repeat the pattern, but for the longer duration.

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Istvan said...

Congratulations. You're on a roll now. Nice heart rate and nice times (although the former is more important).