Monday, January 19, 2009

Missing my Doc: HR Training - Day 29

Today was my physical. My old doctor decided to retire after many years of being in the medical game, so I was assigned a new guy. Although I should really give him a decent chance, first impressions - he seems like a douchebag. I felt like my physical was somewhat rushed and he was really pushing the pills on me before I even had to give blood for testing. Seriously, he was pushing Metformin and Baby Aspirin on me without discussing any possible alternatives and without all the data being available from any kind of lab work. I know that Aspirin is toted as a wonder drug at times since it works on so many things, but come on - don't give out any recommendations until you get all of the data. I'll find out what my full results are by tomorrow (hopefully), but I have a funny feeling I might be seeking my medical services somewhere else in the near future.

Anyway, the run today was made to be light (no doubling up today - not in the mood to do that on the dreadmill in the dungeon). Thankfully, it was the first run where I actually managed to stay within my parameters of Zone 1 for both 15 minute blocks. I also took it really easy, refraining from the temptation of a faster pace. Good thing the run was short. If it was longer, I most likely would have pushed the pace a bit more.

Checking the schedule for the rest of the week, there is another new type of run tossed in that might be fun - stay tuned.

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