Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In the Groove: HR Training - Day 24

A light run that I extended to double the time (the 15m-3m-15m-3m-15m-3m-15m pattern) and it was the best thing I've done for myself.

Despite my now refined abilities to go mentally numb on the treadmill, I've found a bigger joy in being outside and running. So, I went mildly minimalist for the cold 40 degree temps. A tech shirt, running shorts, and my SOLE baseball cap were the things that I had on to keep me "warm". I strapped on the reflective vest, headlamp, and flashing redlight for the night. So with a cap on my head and SOLES in my shoes, I decided to steer myself to a different direction that I decided to choose. (Yeah, I'm stuck in Dr. Seuss mode for a moment.)

I decided to take a south path again and after my chilly warm-up, I headed off. I focused on being more relaxed and to soak up the gentle quiet world that comes out at night in my little town. Don't get me wrong, there is traffic. But the traffic was mild and no drivers were being jerks this time.

Since my running routes are so common for me, I know where each mile is based on a landmark. Well, to my delight, I reached my first mile in UNDER 15 minutes. I was ready to do backflips! Would I be able to keep it up? Answer = YES! Even with the 3 minute rests (and I actually STOPPED and stretched. No walking at all during those moments), I covered almost 4.5 miles! (Note to self: MUST CALIBRATE DAMN FOOTPOD DEVICE!)

This is a very good sign. More proof that this is working and at this rate, my easy pace will be fast enough to not only keep up with the group, but also be easier on my body during events. Hell, who knows? I might just move up into the middle of the pack for a change!

Tomorrow: Another Base Builder II run in the dungeon. But it ain't gonna keep me down!

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