Monday, January 5, 2009

Pullin' back on the reins: HR Training - Day 15

After a few email exchanges with Eric, I decided to do my best to pull back on the effort and try to stay MORE within my zones and not really diddle with the plan (he said to double the time with the same pattern at most, but not to go beyond unless I want to mess with my positive results so far.)

So today, I would keep the workout for the Base Builder at 40 minutes, the original time. Not increasing it to 55 minutes like I had been, not doubling it up to 80 minutes (although I'm allowed it), not tacking on other runs on it like I did on Sunday. I would keep to the zones as best as I could as well.

So during each 10 minute spot, I went at a slower speed than before and did my best to keep my HR hovering around 132 bpm. I ran at a slower speed for the 5 minute bursts, keeping it around 153-157 bpm as much as possible. I would do this and do my best to remember how the feeling was.

All in all, not bad. Some of the HR drifts were typical, but less than usual. I had one HR drop, but that was from a re-adjusting of the strap (I tightened it, but not enough - I might have to just buy one online or find a vendor who just sells the strap alone.)

Tomorrow - Excitement! Base Builder II! More faster running! More duration! Did I say excitement?


Istvan said...

Who is "Eric" and where did you're training plan come from? I've not seen such a detailed plan from either Maffetone nor Mittleman.

The Garmin 305 strap has elastic which appears similar to that found in fabric stores. Maybe you could make your own.

Jon said...

Eric is Eric Sachs from The Balanced Athlete (, not to be confused with Marathon Maniac Eric Barnes (aka Trail Scat).

In addition to being the the store owner who I get a majority of my major running gear from, he also is a wealth of experience and information in all things running, helping out those that are running or walking for the first time to those doing their first 100 miler. I had done the VO2Max/Metabolic test at his store and he came up with a 42 day training plan that had a great deal of detail to it...except what I'm supposed to do after day 42 (but I've been assured that there is something beyond day 42).

I did find some examples from Mittleman that do have some structure (mostly for marathon training, but you should be able to scale or modify it as necessary). <-This is his insane training for the 24-hr USATF championships from a few years back.

I'm personally a bit leery about making my own strap, but it's still early. :-)