Thursday, January 15, 2009

What else can you say but...WTF?: HR Training - Day 25

For the past two days at work, I've been stressing out. Although yesterday's run sedated me, today's run wasn't going to cut it the same way. Also, I went on a caffeine kick again with a Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte at Starbucks (hey, its been some time). But I don't think it messed with me this time since my workout was several hours after the java.

The positives of this Base Builder II run:

1.) Warm-up was better (even with the HR spikes).
2.) I've been maintaining a speed of 4.0 MPH for more of the zone 1 runs...until the last 15 minutes of them at the end of the run.
3.) I'm able to go up to 6.0 MPH (usually hovering under at 5.8 MPH) if I gradually increase the speed. This means that in the real world, if I decided to push my pace - I have to push it gradually like how you would shift gears in a manual transmission car, one gear at a time and not rushing it.

The not-so-positives:

1.) My best efforts to stay within my zones and not bleed over wasn't doing so well.
2.) I should have had a full bottle of water beside me on the dreadmill. I think some of my HR drift might have been from water loss via sweat.

And those sudden drops in my HR during zone 2, that's the true WTF moment. I actually SAW it drop and without reason it seems! I KNOW that my HRM isn't a lemon, despite it being used (and I know that my friend wouldn't burn me like that). So what happened? Too much sweat getting between the belt and my chest? Not enough Buh-Bump cream? What was it? Why drop like that and climb back up? Can Suunto's just not have a 100% reliable device? What gives?

One thing I know. I'm not going to just toss it out with the money I spent on it, so I'll just have to make due in the mean time. But it is giving me enough good data to where I can see improvement within myself.

Light run for tomorrow. I'd like to do double the time like I did yesterday, but I might end up with just doing the standard.


queergrrrl said...

have you considered that these might be actual anomalies in your heart rate (ie: erratic heart rate)?

King Arthur said...

My HRM does that some times. You just have to ignore it. It is a radio signal after all and static happens. I sometimes have a hard time downloading data if the watch battery is weak. The low battery icon's not on how can I have a low battery? I guess the USB draws more power.
It also will show a huge spike sometimes, and I know my heart rate wasn't @ 210 for the first 3 minutes of the run.
Are you logging on a 2 second or 10 second interval? Did they even have HRM’s when these old farts came up with this training idea? When I was in High School we used to have to stop and check our pulse to find out what out HR was.

Jon said...

Cynthia - Yeah, but the display also gave me a zero before and last I checked, I didn't die. :-)

Arthur - Okay, I figured as much. I didn't know that the thing took so much juice to run.

I'm logging in 2 second intervals, is that bad?

BTW, did you use this thing during Cascade Crest? How did it hold all the data?

King Arthur said...

The charts are a lot cleaner when you use 10 second recording. Which is where I normally have mine set.
The memory is only good for 100k heart beats so around 60-70 miles it runs out but it will still record your distance.
The new version lets you turn off the R-R so you can record for 2 days or more of running with the same amount of memory.
2 sec/rec also uses a lot more memory.