Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Near Death Experience?: HR Training - Day 17

See the first dot at the bottom of the screen? That's the 8 minute mark where my HRM read ZERO. Yeah, no beats per minute. The same HR that a corpse gives. I stopped my Suunto t6 and had it reconnect to detect my HR Belt again.

The light run was okay. I kept it at the original plan of 15m run-3m rest-15m run. My calves are mildly tight and I wanted to just get enough in since I have the Base Builder II run tomorrow.

I've noticed that my HR does tend to drift. Not too high after I'm warmed-up well enough, but enough to be annoying at times.

Good thing is that my need to walk to calm my HR down is becoming less and less. Plus, more of my HR steady beats are within the 132-136 area and only will crawl to 137-138 bpm (the limit of zone 1). If I push a bit more however, that's when it starts to crawl up to 139-141 bpm. Like I said, not too high of a drift, but enough to be annoying since my perceived exertion isn't THAT hard of a push in my opinion.

Oh well, the joys of trying to exercise PATIENCE.

Base Builder II tomorrow. Will I be alive for that one the entire time? Find out next time! :-)


Istvan said...

It seems that the manufacturer DOES make a replacement strap for the Suunto t6, but this link was not active when I checked the website.

Jon said...

Yeah, I have to get it from an authorized dealer. Seems that the only place is online at