Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catch-up for the week

I'm still a bit sore from yesterday's run. We had to play the game of "Beat the Train" and I ran harder than I wanted to, causing some aggravation to my foot. It settled back in after a few minutes with the support in my shoes, but I knew that I was going to have to take today as a forced rest day in order for my foot to feel normal again and to do some serious massage therapy on it.

But so far, here's how the week's played out:

10/20 - 1 strength training set w/10 minutes of jumprope skipping
10/21 - 2.94 mi easy run in 30:33
10/22 - strength training (2 sets) w/500 meter row warm-up
10/23 - 4.2 mi easy run in 46:02 (shin pain was less)
10/24 & 10/25 - Rest/Family time
10/26 - 6 mi easy, flat run with the dog in 1:02:52
Total weekly mileage: 13.2 mi

10/27 - repeat of 10/22, more weight for squats and focus on toe lifts
10/28 - 6 mi "easy", rolling run at night in 1:01:31

If my foot starts to feel better in a few, I'll see how a strength training session holds up. Update: I was able to get through 1 set but had a constant headache that wouldn't let up, so I decided to stop and tend to my noggin.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sponsorship would be cool

Heh heh, a guy can dream. But I was amazed to see that after I posted up an entry about SOLE heat-moldable footbeds, SOLE actually responded to me in 24 hours from it! The age of the internet is remarkable, it really is.

Well, to SOLE's credit - so far, so good. Although I'm wearing the Slim Sport versions in my old Asics Gel-Kayano 14's that I retired after running the White River 50 mile ultra as regular walking shoes, I bought two of the Dean Karnazes signature edition versions at REI as well. I took one of those pairs with me to work today to get them in one of my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7's that I keep at work for running workouts. Followed the instructions and got those warm footbeds into my shoes. Although I'm an 11.5 shoe size, the size 11's seem to work better than the 11.5-12's when I tried them in the store. After baking, they fit even better inside the shoe.

A few hours later, I took those out for a real run. A quick massage of my feet, some mild stretching and I was soon out the door. Flat roads & concrete, easy pace, no HRM (cause I failed to bring it), and the weather was very cooperative for a Seattle October. With traffic lights, I ran just under 3 miles (2.94 mi for those counting) in 30:33. Had I not been required to stop, I'm sure I would have had a sub-10 min/mile pace instead of doing 10:11 min/miles.

I was glad I was able to control my pace and not go bananas out there. Running on concrete wasn't too bad this time. My right foot wasn't wonky (YAY for SOLE!) and the only problem I had was my left calf and shin, which I attribute to some deconditioning and my need to work on my form. The only way to fix that, more running.

Being able to run that distance with relatively minor discomfort is a good thing for me since it means that I can get back into my running routines that I enjoy. Doing 6 milers and some long runs with my running buddies at The Balanced Athlete. Participating in local ultras & marathons with The Marathon Maniacs. Being able to finally go and run on trails at the Issaquah Alps and other areas (although I got to get some new trail running shoes).

I know I won't be fast, I've never been. But I'll be happy being able to go long and not stopping until I hit that finish line. Can't say that's sponsor-worthy, but I know what I like and I know what I can do. If those SOLE's can hold up under me, I'll sing their praises too.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Because you need it

After seeing this on a Eric's blog, I had to add my own spice to it.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm a SOLE man

I have to write a letter to the company SOLE for their heat moldable footbeds. Although they're more pricey than your standard Dr. Scholl's, they're less expensive than custom orthodics from a doctor and work just the same if not better.

The same foot that had the stress fracture was acting up like mad. I could barely walk. I knew I couldn't have re-fractured it. What was up? After doing some serious reading, I did the following:

- Applied a cold gelpack and elevated the leg
- Did various flexibility exercises (doing foot swirls, flexing my toes)
- Used the yoga toes to spread my toes and metatarsals
- Massaged the foot, focusing between the metatarsals
- Hot water foot soaks

It eased things, but there was still some lingering feelings of soreness. I finally opted to get the last thing I needed: Solid footbeds.

Seems that SOLE is only one of a few companies that makes a really solid footbed where the whole thing is solid, not just the arch and heel. At $45 a pop, those things better be good. After just testing them without baking, it convinced me. My foot stopped hurting. It even stopped hurting outside of the shoe. The tendons and muscles settled in the right places along with the bones and joints in the foot. I bought two for my running shoes (the Dean Karnazes versions) and one version that was meant for lighter use. I actually walked and ran for two miles with the dog and my feet felt awesome! My calves and shins hurt due to being deconditioned, but the feet were feeling great!

I have an uphill struggle to get myself back to normal, but I'm more positive that I'll be able to get back into the swing of things and do the Cascade Crest 100 like I wanted.

Monday, October 6, 2008

And I ran...

I ran two miles to-day-ay-ay, everybody sing!

The treadmill was acting really oddly on my foot, so I decided to take it outside. Thank GOD for that. Although the first 5 minutes of running was with some discomfort, after waiting for a light to change to continue, my foot started to feel great! I actually ran back to my original starting point (1+ mile out) without any stops in about 11 minutes!!!

Must hope this good running mojo keeps up!