Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Incline of Death: HR Training - Day 31

Another light session, but I decided to not run this time. I wanted to change things up and test other aspects of putting one foot after another. Since my "A" race requires me to climb every mountain (no Sound of Music jokes, please), I figured what would be a good baseline to setup is a treadmill walk with incline increases.

When I started, I was moving at a 3.8 MPH walking pace at a 1% incline. When I finished, I was moving at a 2.5 MPH walking pace at a 12% MAX incline. As I progressed, my HR struggled to stay within the aerobic zone. This is a good thing to know for those long climbs that are more either very steep and long (atleast 1 mile or longer). I know that as I continue to train, my HR will drop during the ascent if I powerwalk/powerhike and will make it possible for me to run (if only for a short time). Yeah, downhill running is what rules in ultras, but if you can get up the hill faster than others AND have good downhill running ability - you'll have the edge over many in the field and be able to survive.

Looking forward to tomorrow and running with the group (if only for a short time). Tomorrow's run: A Moderate Run (12 minutes in Zone 2, 2 min in Zone 1, repeat) and doubled! That should get me 4 miles for sure, enough distance during the group run to participate and fast enough to keep up due to the HR zone.

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