Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Falling off the Starbucks Wagon: HR Training - Day 9

A Double Day like yesterday, but will the outcome be better, worse, or about the same? Let's see...

This morning, I caved into my vices and got a Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte. For the coffee-drinking challenged, that's a large 20 ounce cup of coffee that has a decent amount of steamed non-fat milk and sweetened with sugar-free vanilla syrup. I also got another vice, a toasted Chonga bagel with Cream Cheese (yeah, that was REALLY bad). But we all fall off the wagon now and again. But this wagon I believe really messed with me with the workout. I have no doubt that it'll probably mess with me tonight with the second run as well.

As I was running on the treadmill, it seemed that my heart rate was all over the place. Really low at one moment, really high the next that was well outside of the zone that I was supposed to be running in. I tried to feel my way through the run, but my perceived exertion was not jiving either and I would rather err on the side of caution in this case. Towards the end, I was mostly walking. Not a "bad" run, but it wasn't the best either. Moral of the story: Gotta lay off the 'feine.

And the evening run:

Same pattern as yesterday's 10m-5m-10m-5m-10m-5m-10m, going from zone 1 to zone 2 and back. The exertion level that I was feeling felt not too different then yesterday. However, I really should try and run more in the middle or slightly below the limits than running to the limit for each zone...although I really don't want to move any slower than I already am. Damn my stubbornness!


Istvan said...

Hello Jon,

How did you arrive at your MAP (120-140)? The 180 - age formula would suggest a maximum aerobic heart rate of 150 (180-30).

Hang in there ... your my role model for this low HR stuff.

Jon said...

Role Model! A professional slacker like me? I'm doomed! :-)

Okay, all kidding aside...

My VO2Max/Metabolic test gave me the specific zones of where I should be training. However, with the MAP - it was pretty close when you just do the raw math.

This same info is from my Slow Burn book and I believe from Phil Maffetone's book. http://www.fitness-nutrition-weightloss.com/heart-rate-zones-slow-down-burn-fat.html

Check out my posting again on that here: http://endurance-freak.blogspot.com/2008/12/numbers.html I compare my test result zones versus what the Maffetone math is.

Stephen said...

John ... thanks for the links. You've taken a conservative approach to HR zones, which should yield the best results. Maybe I'll do a VO2 test one of these days.

I just finished reading the "Maffetone Method" and "Slow Burn" books. Must read them again to confirm details, but very interesting stuff.

Istvan said...

Jon ... these are nice print-outs. What HRM (watch) are you using?

Jon said...

Thanks Stephen. Although Stu Mittleman's book can seem a bit "New Age" with some of the things like Muscle Testing/Applied Kinesiology, the important stuff with the actual HR zones and having more body awareness of when you're about to jump a few heartbeats is really good.

Istvan - I'm using the Suunto T6 that I bought off of fellow Maniac King Arthur. Suunto has a special software program that does alot of the calculations and I was fortunate to find a "T6 for Dummies" manual that someone made to make things easier on me.

wendy said...

Hey Jon,

I'm following Eric's plan too, well, re-starting would be more accurate. I got really sick right before Thanksgiving and was on hiatus for 3 weeks, then never got on my feet again, soooo, Eric says Day 1. YIKES!

He sent me over your blog info and said READ AWAY, you know how he's all intense about stuff, so now you're my role model too. =)

I keep reminding myself ground speed is irrelevant, but it seems soooo slow.

I'm training pretty much solo now too, but I can always use the encouragement!

Happy New Year!

Jon said...

Wendy - Eric "intense"? Why, whatever do you mean? *LOL*

Tough break with your restart. Do your best to get past week 1 again! It's got to be the hardest one out of the whole plan!

Thinking back to the first week and prior when I was training slower before the VO2Max test, I think the only thing that kept me from going ape$#!t was doubling the time & intervals in the workout (so I felt like I was atleast doing SOMETHING productive than 33 minutes of waddling) and saying to myself, "It will get better after this week, just keep going."

Good luck and keep focused! It WILL get better!