Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Like a Rocket: HR Training - Day 23

Another visit down in the dungeon, another Base Builder II run.

Despite my inability to control my HR as much as I wanted as the run continued after the first half, I did have alot of positive notes to this run compared to previous ones:

1.) I had a much better warm-up since I decided to walk briskly for 5 minutes, then I alternated between walking and doing intermittent strides about every 10 seconds, eventually increasing the strides into a lighter jog.
2.) The first two sets of 5 minute runs were so perfect that I could sing praises to heaven above. I was maintaining a relative HR of 130-134 bpm and moving at a 4.2 MPH speed (that's a sub-15 minute mile!) during my Zone 1 runs. My Zone 2 runs were even better, moving at a speed of 6.2 MPH (a sub-10 minute per mile pace, almost approaching a 9:30/mile speed!) and my HR was just barely touching the anaerobic threshold of 161 bpm!

However, this was not to be once I got through the first half of the run. For some reason, when I tried to repeat the same results again at the 35 minute point, my body wasn't having it. The faster speeds from before were not acceptable to my HR, it shot up to 176 bpm! Seriously, WTF? I had to drop to a much slower speed to be near my anaerobic threshold. My slower running in zone 1 also suffered. I couldn't maintain my HR without it drifting so much. Seriously frustrating, although I'm glad I'm use to the annoyances that come with HR training.

I have to figure out why I was able to maintain faster speeds with lower HR's in the beginning, but not as time progressed. Seriously, if you could run faster and use less exerted effort, you know you'd totally want to.

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