Sunday, December 21, 2008

Listening to your body

My body yesterday decided not to participate in the 50k. I was seriously out of it and in retrospect, it was for the best.

I wasn't really ready to do that distance again and I should focus on my low HR training.

But I did stop by and dropped off the soup cans I promised. I know that it would go to the Maple Valley Food Bank if it wasn't used, but with how the temps were - I'm sure they were used to warm the bellies of those that finished the run.

Other nice things were that I finished the last of my X-Mas shopping and I bought my Brooks Cascadia 3 trail shoes finally. I look forward to using them on the trails.

In the meantime, tomorrow is Day 1 of my official low HR training. I'm going to definately do more duration (most runs to be 1 hour long or longer). Tomorrow's run, I'm going to kick it to a full hour and I'll even suck it up and freeze my butt off tomorrow in the snow.

Stay warm everyone!


King Arthur said...

I hope you got those 3's on sale because the 4's are coming out 1-1-09. I should be getting my pair tomorrow.

Jon said...

Yeah, I got them for 20% off. Eric would have dropped the price to that for the new year anyway.

What's the big whoop with the Cascadia 4's?

jesslover said...

hey buddy, how have you been holding up in this weather? I have not been able to run outside at all and I'm going freaking nuts!

Jon said...

Hey Jess!

I'm actually getting back into the full swing of things with a new training plan/methodology, emphasizing low-HR/aerobic fat-burning runs. I just came from a 1+ hour long easy run in the snow & ice using my ScrewShoes and didn't slip or fall once! I'll have a post about it shortly. Maybe you'll be able to turn your running shoes into ScrewShoes too and get out there!