Saturday, December 6, 2008

I hate it when they're right...

Just finished a 4.23 mile walk at my in-laws neighborhood with my Suunto t6 HRM.

I had an average HR of 126 BPM and was only about 4 minutes slower than my actual run on Thursday, covering the same distance! My HR on Thursday was struggling to stay down after it went all crazy to 149 BPM average. There IS a method to this HR training madness.

Looks like I'll be sticking to the 1st and 2nd HR zones and making sure my EPOC numbers stay below 3.0 for the next several weeks. If this progresses, as I hope it will, I might just get my groove back.

Lots of walking and very slow running to come. Guess I better enjoy the beeps of the HRM more.


King Arthur said...

You can use your bike for training in the higher zones. Personally I find it very hard to get my HR high on a bike.

Jon said...

Yeah, same here. But trying to jack up your HR on a bike is hard since your HR is naturally 10 beats lower compared to running if you try to judge off of perceived exertion. This was explained to me when I was triathlon training about three years ago.

But I think I'm going to try and follow more of the Maffetone method and stick to low HR training and not try to do any anaerobic work, even if it means to be on a bike versus running hard.