Thursday, December 11, 2008

I almost want to cry

Tonight's run left me unbelievably frustrated with myself.

It was a 6.4 mile run (although my footpod registered 6.07 miles, but it's not calibrated yet) and like last time, the group completely left me in the dust. I was fine with this. However, what I wasn't fine with was being completely alone while my Suunto HRM would scream at me every 5 steps I would take in a run. It was rare for me to be able to maintain a run at or below 147 bpm at a steady pace. Then the parts where the run stopped being remotely fun and turned into serious work was when out of nowhere, my HR would go to 180 bpm! I barely moved a step and it would do this a few times and with each spike, I'm forced into a walk and slowing down. My run took me 1:24:44 to complete and I was not happy about that one bit. A few people who were done well ahead of me were leaving and suprised to see me. One questioned whether I actually started with them. That pissed me off even though I knew they didn't mean anything by it.

Then, like an idiot - I began whining to Eric at the store about it all. In a way, he did and didn't have sympathy for my situation. He understood my frustrations fully, but it all (and always does) comes down to me and my willingness to change and be patient with the training. I also found out that he bought his own VO2Max testing machine and has been doing testing in-house. (That would have been nice to know before I had tried to find out whether my own health insurance was going to cover the testing from a different company that was more expensive and less helpful with the information. But that's time I won't get back now. Anyway...)

It seems that everyone at the store has gone through VO2Max testing, has gone through the same training struggles (one girl had to only walk for several months before she could run), and eventually everyone is able to run at a faster pace with lower efforts. I have the potential to be able to work like this again, but how much do I want it?

We'll see on Tuesday. I have my VO2Max test scheduled at 8am.


King Arthur said...

How much is he charging for the VO2Max Test?

Make sure you have a fresh battery in your HR monitor. I have some extras.

Next time you get to the end of your 6.4 miler adjust the foot pod to match and you'll be dialed in.

Jon said...

I think he said $120 or $125. It was less expensive compared to the company Mobile Metabolics that charges $175 plus tax.

I just replaced the batteries in my HRM, the chest strap, and the footpod a week ago. (Is the chest strap supposed to stab so much in the chest? My generic HRM never did that and I'm wondering if it's Suunto's funky design of the clasps.)

I thought about adjusting the footpod like that, but I'd rather get it done at the Auburn HS track (I still have my key to open the gates.)