Sunday, December 28, 2008

Finding the sweet spot: HR Training - Day 6

Another run on the treadmill again yesterday, same pattern as I did on Christmas Day. I covered about the same distance as Day 4, but with the exception that when it came to the 3 minute rests, I actually sat down in a chair for a spell. Didn't make a lick of difference though in the HR drop, but I was able to get my shoes fixed. I had put on a different pair of running shoes in my supply and didn't put in my foodbed inserts. (Note: I can't run WITHOUT the SOLE heat-molded inserts in my shoes. If I do, expect discomfort!)

I did have more difficulty in trying to keep my HR below the 138 bpm threshold this time. I'm not sure whether it was my enthusiasm in moving faster or just having an odd day. I am learning more by re-adjusting my rate of perceived exertion to match my HR level and I'm getting there, slowly but surely.

One positive with the HR strap, I found a nice way to cover the plastic clasps with fabric tape. No more pinching or digging into my skin now! However, I'm still wondering why my HR went all wonky with spikes and dips towards the end. It was like that on Day 4, but it took longer. Maybe my electro-conductive cream called Buh-Bump! was wearing off? Meh, who knows?


Eric said...

Jon - On the Suunto software adjust the HR settings. Set to the medium range so when you go to low it shows up better in the data. 5 min med 3 min low would also be in th data. you have all time in the zone.
Great jod so far nice improvements, quite fast I might add.
Eric Sach
The Balanced Athlete

Jon said...

Thanks! I've been trying to do as much running as I can. Everyone has said that the more time you put in, the faster the adaptation occurs. I'm starting to believe it!

I'm trying to figure out where the HR settings are to adjust specifically (there's so many spots to do that!) Where do I go to do that?