Friday, August 1, 2008

Mild Reset

Had a rainy, but good 4 mile easy run (well, not too easy - I'm still somewhat hurty in my left hamstring and the bruise is just killer) yesterday in 42:11.

I'm re-thinking about my runs for the rest of the year. Originally, I had slated Light at the End of the Tunnel and a few other marathons/ultras on the list. But I realize that other than the friendship factor in these races, they serve no other purpose for me and make my life somewhat disorganized.

I'm thinking of scrapping all races for the moment and re-thinking about making 2009 my first attempt at a 100 miler, either Cascade Crest or Olga's Hundred in the Hood.

If I were to do a race this year that I thought should have a real impact on me as White River did, I think I'll make the drive down to Oregon to do the Autumn Leaves 50 miler.

But all this is still up in the air. Only thing for certain is that I need to shake things up a bit and actually have a goal in mind.

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