Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jam on Toast

My first Parkour workout/Jam went well. No injuries (YAY!) and it felt like a really good workout (the puddle of sweat confirms it).

The warm-up consisted of:

100 rope skips
15 squats
10 pushups
15 calf raises
15 toe raises
5 front leg extensions (easy kicks) low, medium, high
5 side leg extensions (easy kicks) low, medium, high
5 back leg extensions (easy kicks) low, medium, high
core/back stretch
10 torso twists (slow and fast)
arm/shoulder stretch/loosening
ab stretch

After this, it was agility conditioning. I marked a series of sections 6 sections on the ground to act as "boxes" that my feet would step in to do the following in 2 drills:

High knees - one-step in each box (roundtrip)
High knees - two-step in each box (roundtrip)
Butt Kicks - one-step in each box (roundtrip)
Side steps - two-step in each box (roundtrip)
High knees backwards - one-step in each box (roundtrip)
5 burpees and Quadrapedal Movement (The Lop and Alligator)

Focus was on form and efficiency. After this, I practiced box/platform jumps, landings, and tuck-unders. So far, so good - my tuck-unders are close to three feet in height and I'm able to jump on 24-inch boxes with no difficulty. I still have to learn to balance better though and be able to pick up my feet more during the agility drills.

Hopefully tonight's run will not be nearly as hot & humid as Tuesdays...well, one can hope.

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