Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That Bruce Lee crackling sound...

I can never remember exactly if it was Enter the Dragon or Game of Death, but there is a fight scene where Bruce proceeds to crack virtually every joint in his body by tensing up his fists and muscles right before he is about to fight (and win of course - he's Bruce Friggin' Lee!)...right now, I feel like I'm ready to crack those knuckles and thensome.

I've been off of my feet (more or less) for over a week. The right foot has bouts of sudden shock from foot flexion and having to fix the bones and tissues in that area. I've just gotten over a bout of food poisoning from the weekend, which is making me more more antsy. And the fact I have had to drive into the office for the last 9 days is making me go nuts. I hate driving in traffic and wasting gas like that.

I've got to atleast make an attempt to get back into my typical routines of cycle commuting and get my workouts back in order, the sooner the better.

Giving it a go tomorrow and try and get some ass-kicking done.

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