Monday, August 11, 2008

The Reaper and The Run

Missed the run with the group yesterday and opted to do one solo in the evening. It's been awhile since I ran alone, so I knew I had to do a course where I was going to be totally accountable to myself and get enough miles in. In my case, it would be an old 12 mile out-n-back along the Interurban Trail.

Before doing that, I made a quick trip to McLendon Hardware to buy a Scythe. Yeah, the thing the Grim Reaper uses. Only I would reap grass and weeds that were really tall and not souls...unless I opted for the deluxe model.

So after an hour of slicing up grass tall enough to hide most NBA players, I had some dinner and then went out for my first long run in a while since White River at 7pm.

Recently, I've been nursing what I think is some tendonitis on the top of my foot and not an out-and-out stress fracture. My foot hurts, but not always and during my run, the soreness comes and goes. It doesn't hurt to the touch, but only when you actually apply some serious pressure to it. Personally, I think that my legs and feet are doing their best to re-adapt to running again, but I will get this checked sometime soon.

But for the run itself - 12 miles in 2:01:21. First half 1:01:46, second at 59:34 (obvious you can tell I wanted to get home sooner). I tried to hold back more during this run since I'm always told by Eric, "You run too hard. Gotta build that base." Although I sometimes feel that if I run any slower, I might as well be walking. The foot was sore off-and-on, but not to the point where I was not able to function (another reason why I have doubt that this is a stress fracture).

Today's WOD in a few minutes: Dumbbell Dead Lifts in 5-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1. Max load is 52.5 lbs for each dumbbell since that's the highest weight I can get those to.

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robtherunner said...

I am usually content to run slower at the end in order to feel better. This isn't the greatest race strategy though.