Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lunge, Push Press, & Row your boat...

On my third day of CrossFit workouts and I'm starting to get the gist of why people are hooked to this...but before I go into that, here's today's WOD:

- Lunges (10 each leg - was supposed to be 100 feet, but due to the confined space, I estimated my lunge covers about 100 feet. 20 lunges x 5 feet = 100 feet)
- Dumbbell Push Press (although it is supposed to be 50% of your body weight, I modified it to 35 lbs dumbbells.)
- 500 meter row (same settings as last time with the damper on 5.)

The goal: Do as many circuits in 20 minutes.

My results: 4 circuits with 51 seconds on the clock left. Left in a total sweat drenched mess again (I should expect that from now on.) The 15 push presses had to be broken up into chunks of 5-5-5 or 10-5 in the last two due to exhaustion and fear I would drop the weights. On the last row, I really went all out to finish in the alloted time.

Now back to the understanding...I noticed over the last three days, with as exhausted and taxed I am physically, a feeling that is almost cousin to the runners' high does take hold if only for a few moments. Could be the sense of accomplishment. Could be the endorphins. Could it be the aura of confidence in oneself after doing something tough? Who knows?

Will I be able to keep this up 5 days a week? Uh, no. I am an ultrarunner (or atleast someone who is trying to be). So this means that running should be my main staple of exercise and training. However, there is alot to be said about cross-training and knowing myself, I struggle with trying to go with higher mileage. Cross-training does help quite a bit...well, atleast to the point where I can survive most races. But I'm tired of trying to survive and I actually want to do WELL for a change.

Tomorrow: Parkour Jam during lunch and a run with the Balanced Athlete guys. The Parkour workout won't be much, just learning to pick up my feet higher, but I'll eventually learn how to do some types of vaults and jumps. After all, it's alot faster to get over a downed tree on a trail if you can fly over it instead of having to straddle it to get over usually. The run tomorrow will probably be another 6 more miles, which is fine, but I know that I'll have to find ways of having increases in mileage on other days to get myself to that 50-60 mpw base that I need to be at.

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