Sunday, March 2, 2008


I totally slacked this morning and the run I intended to do:

Leave home before 7am and run from home to the Balanced Athlete and wait to run with the group
Run with the group @ 8am for whatever amount of time and distance
Run back home after running with the group

This should have taken over 4-5 hours and the distance would have been anywhere from 20 miles to a marathon distance or even longer.

But sadly, I let my slacker side kick in after Daisy gave me a very rude 5:30am wake-up call and after taking her out to do her business, I slept in to the late morning. Missed the run. Missed my chance to enjoy the sunshine and warmth of the daytime that I could have soaked up while moving my feet.

After running some errands, I actually had that little voice inside that gave me a kick in the butt that I needed. I wanted to run while there was some sort of daylight left, so I was able to get home before 5pm and get my gear on and head out just after 5pm.

I decided to run to the Balanced Athlete store and the train station near by since that was going to be apart of my running commute to work soon.

Overall, it was a great run. Even with the light-level dropping along with the temps, I was able to maintain my pace and keep it pretty even. The effort overall was good as long runs go.

The numbers:

7.12 mi from home to Balanced Athlete - Time: 1:10:06
7.38 mi from home to Kent Station @ Skybridge - Time: 1:12:27 (return time 1:12:04)
Total distance ran: 14.76 miles - Total Time: 2:24:32
Overall Pace: 9:47/mile; Effort: Easy, able to talk/sing easily without being out-of-breath
Drink: 24 oz water; Food: 1 pack of Orange Sports Beans @ mile 10.

Good info for the running commute since at an easy pace, it will take me under 1.25 hours to get to the Kent Station. If I run it as a tempo run, fartlek, or interval run, I'm looking at a reaching the same place in an hour or less. Now, I just have to see how long it'll take running to the Tukwila station that's about 12.5 miles away from home. Yeah, I could just calculate the numbers off my pace for today, but I'd feel safer if I would just run the distance to get a baseline number for myself.

But tonight's run, I think I can say that I redeemed myself for the inner-slacker that I'm always going to fight against in this ultrarunning game.

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