Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kisses and Running to Work (a little longer, a little stronger)

A big thanks to my friend Susi for the puppy advice. Daisy has already started to pick-up on the term "kisses!" and is doing less biting/nipping since last night! I'll keep doing the butter trick for the next two days to re-enforce it, but I think we'll be good.

This morning was really cold. 35 degrees in some spots, but colder in others. Frost was on cars and the ground. I'm glad I wore my running pants and had my compression t-shirt on to keep the chill out. The run to Kent Station was great! I was alot faster than the previous run since I was moving at the same marathon pace I did at Gateway to the Pacific marathon (a 9:16/mile), so I ended up at the Kent Station in 1:08:29, arriving well over 5 minutes before the train came. I did cut it close though in my opinion due to leaving later than expected (about 10 minutes). The run from the King Street Station to work was about the same amount of time as Tuesday. It'd be so much faster if it weren't for those damn traffic lights. I can pretty much bank on an 11.75 mile finish today since I obviously have to run back home. So 18.25 miles covered this week and I still have a short run tomorrow along with my Sunday long run. I'll be at my 40 mile week finally!

Want lunch time to roll around already. Want to do my yoga and stretch out some of the kinks!

Update: Yoga went well. Run finished for today.

Home to Kent Station - 1:08:29 (9:17/mile pace)
King Street Station to Work - 9:58 (8:53/mile pace)
Work to King Street Station - 10:08 (8:58/mile pace - Minor detour due to Qwest Field gates being closed)
Auburn Station to Home - 20:29 (9:56/mile pace - WINDY!!!)

Total Distance: 11.75 Miles
Total Time: 1:49:06
Overall Pace ~ 9:17/mile

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