Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Run to Work Day

Yesterday's run to work and return home went actually well. Although I didn't make it to the Kent Station like I wanted, I was able to make it to the Auburn Station instead and get on the last train. I was worried about making it to work on time, but I apparently can move at an okay clip and make it to work on-time, even with traffic lights!

The breakdown:

Home to Auburn Station (middle traincar) ~ 2.13 miles
Time: 20:34 (9:39/mile overall pace)
King Street Station (middle traincar) to Work ~ 1.12 miles
Time: 10:02 (8:57/mile overall pace with traffic)
Work to King Street Station (last traincar) ~ 1.19 miles
Time: 10:25 (8:45/mile overall pace with traffic)
Auburn Station (last traincar) to Home ~ 2.06 miles
Time: 19:21 (9:23/mile overall pace)

Total Distance ~ 6.5 miles
Total Time (according to watch): 1:00:24 (9:17/mile overall pace)

For all the runs, I didn't feel totally knackered and there wasn't really any serious discomfort (even with running on concrete for some spots). I think this will only get better as the weather warms up. Thank goodness for Daylight Savings Time this weekend! Tomorrow, I'm going to make sure I'm out the door with enough time to get to the Kent Station and have ran about 11.75 miles for that day (7.37 + 1.12 + 1.19 + 2.06).

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