Monday, March 17, 2008

The art of HTFU and the H2O game

A week of no running due to me blaming scheduling conflicts and such - I learned to point the finger to myself and decided that it's time to Harden The F*ck Up. Yesterday was me trying to get back into the game. Although I was shooting for 26 miles but ended up doing 20 + 1-2 miles of walking, I'm satisfied with the lesson. Seems that a 2 liter hydration pack is enough for 20 miles of distance on the run. Beyond that, I need an additional source of water or hydration from somewhere. So after hobbling almost 2 miles to the nearest thing that was open that had a phone, I called a cab to take me home. That's going to be the last time I do that.

24 hours after the run, I'm feeling fine and looking forward to moving my feet some more. Mt Si may hurt me on April 13th, but I'm going to put up a hard fight every mile.

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