Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No turning back now

I paid the fee. I'm now registered for the Mt Si Ultra (50 miler).

The goal is to finish. Not break my PR from last year (10:37), just finish and finish in-tact.

Although you could laugh and think of what I'm doing as of late as a "Couch to 50 mile training plan".

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shawn said...

Jon - I'll see you at Mt. Si. Good for you for signing up. I'm a couch potato at heart; my training plan for Mt. Si will be plenty of spring time yard work, and hopefully, a LITTLE running.

Way to keep up with your training, don't beat yourself up over one week off. It staves off injury. Plus little Daisy probably enjoys hanging out with you. My dogs know "kisses" too! Though, I wish my younger dog knew how to "come home" when he escapes the confines of the yard.

Keep up your "harden the f up" mentality! :)