Wednesday, April 23, 2008

YAYZ!!!! Oregon 100!!!!!

Thanks to ultrarunner/Marathon Maniac/awesome-babe Olga, a new 100 miler that will be coming up in 2009 might be the one to shoot for with this 100 mile ultrarunning virgin. Cleverly called Hundred in the Hood, it adds the total of 100 milers in the Pacific Northwest to 4...well, 5.

- North Bend-2-Vantage (aka NB2V) in North Bend, WA (May 24th-25th).
- Cascade Crest 100 in Easton, WA (Aug 23rd-24th)
- Plain 100 in Plain, WA (Sept 13th-14th)
- Bear 100 in Preston, ID (yeah, Napoleon Dynamite country!) (Sept 26th-27th...a Friday start, Saturday finish)

NB2V is a little bit different in that it's over 100 miles (108 miles), there's no cost - so it's put on in true Fat Ass fashion, and no cost = no awards/finishers bling/aid/support/etc. You want support, you have to bring your own. The Plain 100 is similar with one difference, you are actually PAYING to be self-sufficient on a 100 mile course and you only have one point to actually refuel your bottles/hydration packs/etc. If you want water on the course, better have a water filter to drink from the streams.

Hmm...with as many 100 milers in the NW now after the Oregon 100 gets off the ground next year, a person could do a true NorthWest Grand Slam by completing all 5 runs in a year. Although if the Bear 100 schedule overlaps with the Oregon 100 schedule...that would make for a very unusual race weekend where you would run on Friday, finish on Saturday, try and haul ass one state over, and then run another 100 miles within appropriate cutoffs. Although, that would also make for a very interesting story for the runner. :-)

In any case, in 2009 - I am determined to do my first 100 miler and finish it!

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olga said...

Glad you're so excited, because we are too!!! And bear is not PNW, by the way, so no hauling your ass anywhere for the Slam thing, though the Slam is a great idea:)