Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Goal Revisions

Looking at my previous posts on my 2008 goals and my Mt Si Race Report, I have made some adjustments to what I hope to do for the rest of the year.

First thing, the 2008 miles for 2008 - forget it. I can probably get close or hit 2000+ miles for 2009 or 2010. But I'm not going to kill myself for a mileage goal for the year.

The sub-4 hour (well, the goal to hit close to a 3:30) - I'll just let nature take its course. It's better for me to build a really good base for 2008 that I can take with me into 2009 and beyond.

So far, this is what my training & recovery time has been since Mt Si:

- Week 1 -

Monday (04/14) - Cycled to Kent (~8 mile) in the morning for my commute. Strength training (heavy weights) and core work during lunch.
Tuesday (04/15) - 2 miles on treadmill in 23 min in the morning. 30 minutes of skipping rope during lunch.
Wednesday (04/16) - Repeat of Monday
Thursday (04/17) - Woke up later than expected to do AM workout. Did 32 minutes of cardio on elliptical machine at work during lunch.
Friday (04/18) - Woke up too late to ride to Kent. Strength Training and Core during lunch.
Saturday (04/19) - Rest (did some errands)
Sunday (04/20) - 10 mile long run in 1:45:44 with Balanced Athlete group, did 1 mile hard sprint/tempo run at mile 6.

- Week 2 -

Monday (04/21) - Cycled to Tukwila (~13 mile) in the morning for my commute. Strength training (heavy weights) and core work during lunch.
Tuesday (04/22) - 4.5 mile run in 40:33 during lunch.

The cycling mileage does not take into account the 1.25 mile ride from the King Street train station to my office in the morning, the 1.25 mile return trip, the 2+ mile commute I normally do from the Auburn train station to home and the 2+ mile commute to the Auburn train station when I don't ride to Kent or Tukwila.

This is what my weekly schedule seems to be morphing to:

Monday - AM Cycling, Strength Training & Core during lunch
Tuesday - AM Running and X-Training during lunch, Running during lunch, or X-Training during lunch
Wednesday - Repeat Monday
Thursday - Repeat Tuesday
Friday - Repeat Monday
Saturday - OFF
Sunday - Long Run

Hopefully if the weather can get better in the mornings, some of the cycling days will be replaced with running days...except for the month of May. May is Bike to Work Month and I'm dead set on trying to hit 500+ miles this year in mileage. I was REALLY close in 2006, but got sick the last three days of May and missed my goal by 3 rides. Ain't gonna happen this time!

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olga said...

Sorry about Mt. Si, but you're brave to take an ice bath! Yay for OR100!