Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The hamster wheel turning - Creating a 24 hour run

I've started soliciting various individuals and groups on the possibility of creating a 24 hour run in the Seattle area. It's been years since anything like that was in Seattle and the closest 24 hour run is down in Longview, WA. So far, it looks like other folks are thinking of the same thing. Guess we crazies do think alike.


robtherunner said...

I was hoping to take on the challenge this year, but there is too much on my plate. I was looking into Game Farm and Bradley Lake. Both parks are receptive to the idea in the fall.

Jon said...

Yeah, 2009 is earliest time this will most likely going to happen. Hopefully Eric Bone and/or Scott Jurek will actually respond to me about it. I thought about Game Farm, but the scenery is a bit boring and the path isn't as wide.

Didn't think about Bradley Lake, but I've ran around it during my first triathlon in 2006 and it is a nice loop with the added bonus of a lake to dip into to cool off.