Thursday, April 10, 2008

Menthol, Onions, H2O, *cough* repeat

Menthol - The stuff in cough drops and chest rub, note the, smell.

Onions - The thing that Shrek described himself as to Donkey, having layers (not to be confused with Parfaits...mmmm, parfaits). Used in lots of cooking things and has medicinal properties. Also note the smell.

H2O - Two hydrogen atoms binded to one oxygen atom. Somehow two elements that are gases form something liquid and one of the things that sustains life on this planet. Note the non-smell.

*cough* - The thing I keep doing, but not as frequently thanks to the ingredients above...but I still keep doing *cough, cough* said action.

Today will be 9 days of no running. I'm getting seriously twitchy, but it's all good. (Although I am getting really annoyed with those commercials on TV for New Balance and the whole "You miss running like a girlfriend" promotion.) As long as I can get enough of this chest cold out of my lungs, the better off I am for Mt Si on Sunday. Sunday is also proving to be good weather wise. The forecast shows sun with clouds and a highs in the 60's. For a 50-mile run, that's a good thing. Less things to have to wear and worry about. Still have some trepidations about running 50 on extremely low mileage compared to when I ran marathons or 50k's under low mileage situations, but there's a first for everything and this will be a learning experience for sure. Only thing I hope for (other than surviving in the cutoff time) is to recover quickly afterwards. I really don't want to think about the possibility of having to take a few days off of work because my body crapped out post-race.

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