Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The latest...

So far this week:

Monday - Dumbbell Deadlifts (18 reps @ 40lbs, 15 reps @ 45lbs, 12 reps @ 52.5lbs)
Tuesday - 500 meter row in 1:53, really cranked it hard at the end and almost felt like puking.

And some running:

I decided to do the same type of treadmill run as last time, maintaining a HR average well below my aerobic threshold of 138 bpm. Despite going over it a few times during the warm-up for some reason as it was recorded, it went well and I did 3.5 miles worth of distance. I'll gradually increase the distance/time as the weeks go on.


Rosso said...

Thats quite a picture on your header! Where is that location?

I'm currently using a Suunto T6C and Firstbeat Athlete to keep tabs on my cardio.

How is your diet? Please check out my blog for diet tips.

Jon said...

It was at the White River 50 mile ultramarathon in 2008. The beautiful shot is courtesy of Glenn Tachiyama (a guy who is to a camera as Michaelangelo is to a paintbrush - never a bad picture taken when he's behind the lens).

I'm still trying to get this HR training down right - there are so many different views and training methods! I would try the FirstBeat software if it wasn't so pricey.

Dietary needs are okay, not great. I have to re-calibrate my needs appropriately. I'll check your blog out though!