Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flu shots - Phooey!

I was under the understanding that a flu shot was supposed to PREVENT you from getting the flu.

For the last 72+ hours, I had been fighting a really bad case of just...yuck!

My lungs had felt like they went through a Cuban Tabacco Harvest. Breathing was damn near impossible. I might as well have been at high-altitude or deep under water with the lack of oxygen. Workouts have been a big fat zero as well. I haven't ran or done any kind of CrossFit workouts at all this week.

I guess I'll just call this a recovery week. I'm already set now to train for the Oregon 100 (Hundred in the Hood) and making that the focal point of the year. I've got 30 weeks till that run and thanks to fancy-Nancy (aka Nancy Shura from the UltraLadies, she's shown me the way to my first 100 miler. I'll still incorporate HR training, but it won't be the major focus. I will use some events as supported training runs, but I've taken myself off of a lot of the races on the Maniacs calendar. I am confident that I will be able to do this and do it right. But we'll see.

Adventure awaits!


Anonymous said...

you may have been exposed to a strain of flu that was not among those included in the vaccine.

Flu vaccines are merely the CDC's best guess at which ones will be most likely to be active in the USA any given season. It is an educated guess approaching a crap shoot.

Some people can have vaccine reactions, but that is not the flu as the virus used in the vaccine is killed.

Nic said...

Sorry 'bout the sickness - my wife has a case of 'the death' right now too...

I'm kinda sorta using this as my training schedule...

...not to say one is better than the other, just a different one I found...

Hope you feel better soon.

Jon said...

Cynthia - Figured as much! I read on the CDC's site that this new strain has hit the country pretty hard. The ultraLIST has people sharing home remedies.

Nic - Thanks. Hope your wife recovers quickly too - this flu sucks!

I remember that training plan from Hill County Trail Runners. I do like how Mike's plan pushes the mileage of the first long run from 30 miles to 55 miles. Total bonus if you can find races that fit the schedule so you're running supported. Total suckage if you have to do the REALLY LONG RUNS self-supported, although I know it has been done - re: 75 miles on the White River course done by Arthur, Shawn, and tc last year a few months before White River (prep for Cascade Crest and Plain).