Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sponsorship would be cool

Heh heh, a guy can dream. But I was amazed to see that after I posted up an entry about SOLE heat-moldable footbeds, SOLE actually responded to me in 24 hours from it! The age of the internet is remarkable, it really is.

Well, to SOLE's credit - so far, so good. Although I'm wearing the Slim Sport versions in my old Asics Gel-Kayano 14's that I retired after running the White River 50 mile ultra as regular walking shoes, I bought two of the Dean Karnazes signature edition versions at REI as well. I took one of those pairs with me to work today to get them in one of my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7's that I keep at work for running workouts. Followed the instructions and got those warm footbeds into my shoes. Although I'm an 11.5 shoe size, the size 11's seem to work better than the 11.5-12's when I tried them in the store. After baking, they fit even better inside the shoe.

A few hours later, I took those out for a real run. A quick massage of my feet, some mild stretching and I was soon out the door. Flat roads & concrete, easy pace, no HRM (cause I failed to bring it), and the weather was very cooperative for a Seattle October. With traffic lights, I ran just under 3 miles (2.94 mi for those counting) in 30:33. Had I not been required to stop, I'm sure I would have had a sub-10 min/mile pace instead of doing 10:11 min/miles.

I was glad I was able to control my pace and not go bananas out there. Running on concrete wasn't too bad this time. My right foot wasn't wonky (YAY for SOLE!) and the only problem I had was my left calf and shin, which I attribute to some deconditioning and my need to work on my form. The only way to fix that, more running.

Being able to run that distance with relatively minor discomfort is a good thing for me since it means that I can get back into my running routines that I enjoy. Doing 6 milers and some long runs with my running buddies at The Balanced Athlete. Participating in local ultras & marathons with The Marathon Maniacs. Being able to finally go and run on trails at the Issaquah Alps and other areas (although I got to get some new trail running shoes).

I know I won't be fast, I've never been. But I'll be happy being able to go long and not stopping until I hit that finish line. Can't say that's sponsor-worthy, but I know what I like and I know what I can do. If those SOLE's can hold up under me, I'll sing their praises too.

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Claire said...

Wow, imagine if life really were that easy ... Sponsorship? Sure, why not. I believe anyone vocal enough to write a full page review deserves some props! So email me your shirt size, shoe size and shipping address and we'll see what we can do to set you up!

We all know how much injury rehab sucks ... here's hoping this helps in a small way & keeps you positive enough to train.

Claire Thompson
SOLE Marketing Manager