Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catch-up for the week

I'm still a bit sore from yesterday's run. We had to play the game of "Beat the Train" and I ran harder than I wanted to, causing some aggravation to my foot. It settled back in after a few minutes with the support in my shoes, but I knew that I was going to have to take today as a forced rest day in order for my foot to feel normal again and to do some serious massage therapy on it.

But so far, here's how the week's played out:

10/20 - 1 strength training set w/10 minutes of jumprope skipping
10/21 - 2.94 mi easy run in 30:33
10/22 - strength training (2 sets) w/500 meter row warm-up
10/23 - 4.2 mi easy run in 46:02 (shin pain was less)
10/24 & 10/25 - Rest/Family time
10/26 - 6 mi easy, flat run with the dog in 1:02:52
Total weekly mileage: 13.2 mi

10/27 - repeat of 10/22, more weight for squats and focus on toe lifts
10/28 - 6 mi "easy", rolling run at night in 1:01:31

If my foot starts to feel better in a few, I'll see how a strength training session holds up. Update: I was able to get through 1 set but had a constant headache that wouldn't let up, so I decided to stop and tend to my noggin.

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