Monday, September 1, 2008

Nike Human Race 10k

Oh wait, I didn't run this. :-)

I just kept the time for the race put on in Kent, WA - Sponsored by the local running stores The Balanced Athlete and Road Runner Sports.

A thing that all race directors need to have in an emergency, a cigarette lighter adaptor power converter to allow someone to plug in a two-prong or three-prong device into it. The clock that was donated for our use was having battery problems. But no worries! Pulled my car right up to the finish line, broke out the adaptor, and plugged in the big clock and we were able to look official!

First Finisher's time - 44:18
Last Finisher's time - 1:22:38
100% finishers

Insane thing that happened: Since our course goes around a golf course, one runner got accidentally nailed by a golf ball whacked by a newbie golfer about 200 yards away. The golfer kind of showed our downed runner his lack of concern when he asked the two questions of...

1.) Uh, did I hit you? (Runner was on the ground, wincing from the impact of the ball that nailed her on the ankle.)
2.) Uh, do you have my ball? (SERIOUSLY!)

But she was a trooper and shook it off after a 10 minute sitdown and still finished in a sub-60!

Free swag given out at the end and that closed out another successfully hosted race.

To those that ran the Nike Human Race, I hope you had as much fun running as I did working it.

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