Wednesday, July 16, 2008

White River 50 Strategy

I've been trying to figure out what I'm going to do for the White River 50. I know to walk the ups and do my best to run the flats and downs (while praying that I finish within the cutoff of 14 hours for the early start).

The only thing that is really left is knowing what to put in my drop bags. Funny thing is that I might not actually NEED drop bags for this event.

All but two aid station is stocked with GU, GU2O, Succeed! Caplets, and Food. That's 6 places where you can refuel easily. The weather is going to be hot and dry, so no need to have any dropbags with replacement changes of clothes for cold or wet weather. I don't plan on replacing shoes (or socks for that matter) on the course and having multiple pairs of socks along the course just sounds like overkill. I could pack blister kits, but for all 6 aid stations? I don't think so.

So the only thing I could come up with is to have in separate little baggies:

- Aleve
- Tums
- S!Caps

That's pretty much it. Unless if any of my fellow Maniac friends would like to give their $0.02 on this, I would appreciate it.

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robtherunner said...

It really depends on comfort level with the distance on what you put in your drop bags, or if you use them at all. White River certainly has plenty of support that you shouldn't really need the drop bags, but if they provide you with a sense of comfort then I say plan to put in things that you usually fall short of during an ultra. Good luck with the planning and the taper.